To build a home for one’s family is just like building a new world within this world. The place where a family can feel comfort and protection is really a home. It should be able to provide all family members with their all needs and requirements. So a person will definitely like to have a quick guide to new home development. The location and the property are most important aspects in a quick guide to new home development. Surely the building plan will be in your mind, so be sure that the property suits it or not.

Foundation walls have to be kept of appropriate size against the ground level. The property should support the home size planned. All legal requirements should also be followed. Before going to begin a construction, permits and insurances are checked. The coordination with contractors is must. Be sure that they are in time and are capable enough to complete this project in given time. You must coordinate with them well according to their available time or leave them and find some others.

Time lines are developed on the schedule and make sure to point the contractor on site when needed. Provide them with the deadlines for their work with starting and completion dates; So that there may not be any problem afterwards. Identify all the construction material needed and be sure that they will be on time on the site. Otherwise the work on site will stop due to lack of construction material. Some time it occurs that contractors or sub contractors leave project due to lack of material.

With the coordination of all contractors foundation of home is stoke out. The rhythm of these processes will be so like:

  • Planning the home design
  • Approval/permission from authorities
  • Temporary water and power is provided
  • Site work
  • Lay down foundation
  • Framing of rooms
  • Roofing of building
  • Doors and windows installation
  • Siding – material used to surface the exterior of a building to protect against exposure to the elements, prevent heat loss, and visually unify the facade i.e., building front
  • Plumbic, electrical and conditioning work
  • Wall paints and interior
  • Installation of other necessary appliances like cabinets

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