Rental properties have become one of the famous tracks in the business road. A landlord should know his rights and responsibilities. As responsibilities are first fulfilled to get rights. The first and very important responsibility is the property maintenance. He has to be ready for taking care of the requests of tenants at many times. From them, it is shown to tenants that property is appropriate enough for their living. All the facilities like disposal system, electricity, drainage, water supply, sewage, and illumination are checked and made sure to work properly for the satisfaction of tenants.

All the health, thermal and space requirement for living should be represented by landlords. Structure and material of construction is verified by owner to tenants. Rights and responsibilities of landlords also include all the legal procedures to adopt them in appropriate situation when needed. Rental agreement should be presented in a very transparent way, so that there may not be any confusion. Notifications for several activities, when necessary are mentioned and eviction of tenants in any case or problem must be ensured.

The maintenance or in any case repairing of the property in any condition should be made by landlord according to the agreement statements. Landlord has many rights for his property. The very first is that he can vacate his property with a proper notice under the agreement statements and according to the laws at any time. His property is his right so every thing he made in it should be well maintained and handled by tenants. In any problem or damage, tenants have to repair the damage or pay the cost for its repairing to landlord.

After the ending time of agreement landlord has power to change it or let it so, or he may make agreement with any other tenants. Landlord has a right that he can accept the tenants giving him more profit than others. Landlord may communicate to tenants directly or through any agent. So having sound information about Rights and responsibilities of landlords, he can make his business flying at higher altitude and can avoid any problem.

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