Right don’t come without responsibilities. This is also true in landlord and tenants relationship. Tenants should have awareness about their rights and also need to know their responsibilities. The rental agreement is the first and very important responsibility of tenants to follow it. The other main thing is rent on time, which should be paid to landlord without any delay or getting notices. This makes the tenant-landlord relationship stronger and well going.

One should not involve landlord in any activity of legislation for payment. It is obvious that if landlord receives rent well on time, so he will try his most to fulfill his duties and responsibilities also. Hence Rights and responsibilities of tenants have to go parallel. Another major responsibility of the tenant is that he should keep the property clean and neat and maintain its good shape. Tenant should keep adhere to the rules of residency in any property to avoid any complication.

Tenant should use his right for the usage of different equipments very carefully. If any high valued thing in property needs repairing or maintaining, tenant should inform to landlord, so that timely decision can save thing from any loss. Rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlord will guide both of them to resolve this problem as mentioned in agreement. Tenant has to inform the landlord, when he is going to be absent for a long time from property. Tenants enjoy also many rights. When some thing needs repairing, he has to only send request to landlord. And if landlord doesn’t reply, he has right to get repaired it and to pay repairing charges from rent.

It is right of tenant that he should be provided with all facilities like electricity, better sewage and drainage system and others like water supply. During agreement time, tenant has a right to remain in and use property, and can’t be evicted without any cause. Rights and responsibilities of tenants both are very necessary to be in mind of tenant so that there may not be any confusion.

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