Renting property is one of very successful businesses with a very low risk but a sound and guaranteed income. When a landlord has taken to choose this as a source of income for himself, than another important decision is to make that Should Landlords use a letting agent or self? All this depends upon the circumstances of a person and the fact that how much knowledge he has about it and how much time he can spent. If a landlord is also involved in some other business and this is his secondary one so it is advisable for him to let an agent to avoid the daily headache in its matters.

The benefits of letting agent are:

  • Letting agents advises for necessary legal and paper work
  • He is aware of any change in law
  • Any problem in property is quickly fixed by letting agent or letting agencies
  • A sound communication is built through letting agent
  • A letting agent will do any maintaining work
  • Agent will make sure a time to time check on property
  • The payment of rent is made easy and on time, so time is saved and peace of mind is there
  • A letting agent will guide you for finding suitable tenants
  • A useful advertisement of property is made by an agent

Then coming across the second part of question, Should Landlords use a letting agent or self, for self work, landlord should have to concentrate only and only on this business. They have to remain up to date for latest legislation. They have to review their property regularly. He has to confirm that all kinds of utility and other bills are being paid. Disputes and potential conflicts are going to be faced by a landlord itself. Hence answer to the question, that Should Landlords use a letting agent or self, is surely letting agent or agency at best. A good working company like DHA Property Works, which is specialised for letting property at commercial and residential categories, makes you to remain comfortable and worried less about your property.

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